Medicine Heavy Slam Balls Exercise Crosssfit Strength Gym Fitness Boxing MMA Body

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Place of Origin: Shanghai
Brand Name: Minhuan
Certification: 6P free test from SGS
Model Number: Slam ball
Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1 pc/color box
Delivery Time: 15-45 days based on quantity
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 200000pcs per month
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Material: PVC+sand Color: Any Color Is Available
Name: Slam Ball Logo Service: Available
OEM: Available Factory Test: BSCI/BV/Walmart Aduit/EN71 And So On
Function: Fitness Your Body Sample: Available
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slam ball exercise equipment


weighted medicine ball

Product Description

Medicine Heavy Slam Balls Exercise Crosssfit Strength Gym Fitness Boxing MMA Body
Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.
Holding a slam ball in both hands, raise the ball above your head by fully extending your body.
Throw the ball forcefully down to the ground, engaging your abs on the downward motion of the throw.
Simultaneously lowering your body to a squat position to grab the ball.
Stand back up and repeat.


  • GET ADVANCED WORKOUTS: your fitness & challenge your body by trying new things. Change your weight-lifting, yoga, pilates or exercise routine by adding the hard exercise ball.
  • TOTAL COMPLETE BODYWEIGHT​ WORKOUTS: ​These heavy antiburst exercise balls are ideal for fitness, cardio, power programs, sports or group workouts using quick bursts of power such as crossfit WOD, kickboxing and TRX.
  • HIGH-QUALITY & PROFESSIONAL​:​ Our slam spike ball is enhanced to others. We place quality above everything else. With a large personal training experience under our belt, we value high-functioning, high-performing exercise equipment. Built using exceptionally sturdy PVC and sand, these medicine training balls were MADE for slamming. However you are use these multi-functional, body conditioning balls for they will outlast every throw, hit and slam.
  • GET THAT COVETED BEACH BODY: we don’t believe in the “perfect body” but we believe there is a perfect body for what YOU to aspire toward. This heavy workout ball is bound to move you in that direction. With a firm rivet shell, non-slippery grip, this functional training equipment is easy to use, easy to manage and requires no batteries, electricity, or a manual, making it perfect for beginners, experts, and everyone in between.
  •  GUARANTEE OF APPROVAL: ​When we say quality is our top-priority, we mean it! And that includes customer service. We want our customers to love our slam balls so much that you’ll recommend them to all your friends. If these small gym balls don’t meet your standards or there is a defect, return them within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

Mold size Chart

Item No Size Master Carton size PCB
2-5kg 7inch 37*18*18.5cm 2pcs
6-14KG 9inch 49*25*25cm 2pcs
15-25KG 10inch 27*27*27cm 1pc
30-40KG 12inch 31*31*31cm 1pc
45-60KG 14inch 37*37*37cm 1pc
... .... .... ....
How to choose your weight

As with other exercises in the gym, choosing the right weight for your slam ball workout can feel a tad intimidating. If you are looking to develop power, choose a moderately heavy slam ball paired with an explosive exercise, suggests Yuen. For power, try to slam the ball as fast and as hard as you can for three to five repetitions, then rest for two to three minutes. If you can’t get to a gym, you can buy a slam ball or a range of slam balls. They’re an affordable piece of exercise equipment.

If strength is your goal, pick a slam ball that you can lift for five to 10 repetitions and choose an exercise that would ordinarily require a barbell or dumbbell. “Due to the shape of the ball, these exercises will require additional muscle recruitment for stability and coordination,” says Yuen.

Here, Yuen offers a workout for three different areas of focus: power, strength, and endurance. Before you get to it, remember: start slow. “It’s important to start slow to get a good feeling for the exercise form and how the coordination differs when using a slam ball,” he says. “The faster you move, the more force you produce, and this has the potential to increase the risk of injury.”

For Power
Rotational Chest Pass
Try: Four sets of three to five repetitions.

Do it: Stand so that your body and a wall create a 90-degree angle, holding a slam ball with both hands at chest level, elbows flexed. Contract your glutes and rotate your body quickly and explosively toward the wall, pivoting your back leg as your body turns. Use your entire upper body to push the ball toward to the wall as hard as possible, releasing it. Be prepared to react quickly! Catch the ball and repeat.

The expert says: “This exercise generates total body power as you drive through the floor, rotate the hips and chest pass the ball into the wall. The goal is to generate as much power as possible, so choose a moderately heavy ball and perform three to five repetitions per set. If you feel fatigued or if your power output decreases, rest for two to three minutes or until you are fully recovered.”

For Strength
Front Squat
Try: Four sets of three to five repetitions.

Do it: Hold a heavier slam ball against your chest with your back straight and core muscles engaged. The ball will pull you forward throughout the squat, so your core muscles will be working extra hard throughout. Lower down toward the floor until your thighs are below parallel. Push through the heels to return to the starting position.

The expert says: “Since you have to support and squeeze the ball with your palms, your chest, biceps, and forearms have to work as well, turning a squat into a total-body strength exercise.”

For Endurance
Loaded Carry
Try: One minute of walking; rest one minute; repeat four times.

Do it: Hug a lighter slam ball against your chest with your hands gripped together, your back straight, and your core muscles engaged. Keep this controlled posture as you walk across the gym, seeing how many laps you can get.

The expert says: “This exercise will increase your ventilation and heart rate while also training the endurance of your leg and core muscles.”

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